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4 important tips for controlling pests in your home

Termites, rodents, bugs and insects of different types are just some of the pests which can be troublesome and even threatening to your home or family. Without proper treatment, what begins as a minor nuisance can turn into an infestation very quickly. This is why pest control is an area where an ounce of prevention can really solve a huge trouble for you. Here are 4 important tips on successful pest control for your home if you can’t afford a pest and termite control company Cincinnati.

1. Eliminate sources of food, water and shelter

pest controlYou must store all the food in sealed glass or plastic containers. Food scraps that are discarded should be sealed tightly and that garbage must be removed from your home regularly. The garbage should be put in inaccessible trash cans which are tightly covered. You must fix leaky plumbing and water should not be allowed to accumulate in trays under the refrigerator or under houseplants. Don’t leave water and pet food overnight. Stacks of magazines and newspapers offer a nice shelter for the pests. You should block all the entryways and places for hiding by sealing all crevices and cracks around baseboards and cabinets. Check for pests in boxes and packages before you carry them to your home. Last but not the least, remove all the wood from your home’s exterior that are useless.

2. Use pesticides safely and correctly

Follow some basic precautionary steps if you try to control the pests yourself. As a first line of defense, you should use baits. These baits are applied to specific areas in the room so that your family is not exposed to the pesticide. Follow the safety instructions while you apply pesticide sprays. Use ready-to-use pre-mixed pesticides whenever it is possible. It is very important to keep the children and your pets away from the areas where you have applied the pesticides.

3. Hire an exterminator for maintenance and problems

In case your problem continues or you are looking for an effective and safe way to manage the pests in your home, you should hire a pest control company. A professional technician will understand how, why and where pests are thriving in your home. They have the ability to eliminate the pest source through analysis and also offer recommendations for prevention. They will even visit your home monthly or quarterly for an inexpensive and affordable maintenance fee and thus guarantee you that your pest problem will not come back any more.

4. Ask the professional to explain the work performed

Be sure to ask the professional exterminator to explain in detail the source of the problem, the steps that have been taken to fix it, and the names of the pesticides that were used. Note down the registration number and name of any chemical that has been used, so that it may be possible for you to research the pesticide if the situation demands. Finally, do not forget to get the safety instructions from the exterminator for protecting your family and pets from getting poisoned accidentally.